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For many of our customers, off-the-shelf solutions do not cut it. Like you, our customer’s vehicle is their office and their shop. And like you, their vehicle uniquely fits the needs of its owner. Why would you settle for less when your livelihood depends on it? At Quest, we get it. That is why we don’t just show you the catalogue, we ask you what you want. We then blend state-of-the-art products from the best manufacturers in the world with custom built, just-for-you components into a working machine constructed that fits your needs exactly. From concept to finished construction, Quest takes care of you and your entire project until you are another happy customer!

custom truck components and fabrication


Quest Fabrication
Quest Fabrication
Quest Fabrication
metal drawers on sliders made custom for a truck installation

truck safety equipment
LED lighting company
LED lighting company
cargo bed products
Echo safety group products for trucks
Jotto desk products
Reading products
Rugby desk products
Safety Whip products
We sell SWS warning lights
Tommy gate products for truck costomizations
Crane products for custom truck builds