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A dump truck or landscape truck body is an essential tool in your line of work. You need a dump body that is durable, superior quality, and works as hard as you do – and we supply you with only the best equipment for your truck.


Our prefabricated dump and landscape bodies are made in assorted sizes and specialty functions to fit your truck. Our customization services are to ensure that your equipment is tailored to your working specifications. We can install additional emergency & warning lights, back up alarms, cranes, cargo covers, and much more. If you want an addition to your dump or landscape truck, then we are happy to work with you to create the perfect truck set up for you.

Hydraulic Lift Rugby Dump Body truck with underbody toolbox and Maxilift crane.
Truck shown with a dump body cargo cover, service body hitch, and underbody diamond tread toolbox
Dump truck body installation includes a diamond tread underbody toolbox and a mesh cargo cover tarp.
Warning beacons on this dump truck body installation project
Dump truck body install with warning lights and a tarp cargo cover.
Dump truck body install in lifted position.
Dump truck body installation
Custom toolbox and equipment storage built along with installing the Rugby dump body
Storage doors open for compartment viewing.

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