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We added Quest Emergency Lighting in 2005 to round out our company and make us a 1 stop location, our lighting division adds that final fit and finish to your truck, we are distributors for Ecco ESG, Code 3, SWS Warning, Golight and also carry our own line of lighting products, we do the shopping for you by having top quality products that we know will keep you and your truck safe

Quest Emergency Lighting is a full installation facility for all 12 volt electrical systems. Our experienced team is always available to meet your lighting needs, with dedicated professionals determined to provide the highest level of customer service. It is our committment to quality and service that has helped us develop long-time relationships with clients. Let us earn your business too!

Our mission is to help make your vehicles more visible, safe, productive, and efficient. In cooperation with our supply chain we have put a line of products together to cover your needs both inside and outside the vehicle. Our staff is experienced, dedicated, and will recommend the best equipment to suit the application and budget for your company.

Quest is a COR certified company, in which we strive to provide our employees and customers with a safe environment to work and visit. You can rest easy knowing that your safety lighting needs are in the hands of highly trained and certified professionals.

COR is a government-approved safety program that awards employers who develop health and safety management safety systems that meet established provincial standards. Through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program, certificates are issued by Alberta Labour and are co-signed by Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP).

we have inventory of truck parts and accessories at our Calgary location, please call us today

Installation Facility

Think of Quest Emergency Lighting as your one-stop-shop for any security lighting request you might have. QEL has a 10,000 SQ FT install facility that is COR-certified, with MECP certified techs, we have a fully stocked warehouse to supply all of your lighting and equipment needs such as: Winches, Slip Tanks, Push Bumpers, Cargo Beds, Lift Gates including Tommy gate and Anthony Lift Gates.

Types of Emergency Lighting

Photos from our long history with emergency lighting sales and installation
red and blue police lights installed
Red and Blue lights

Police Lights

LED traffic director lights installed on truck
Traffic Lights

Directing Lights

Fire and rescue lighting installed on truck
Emergency lights

Fire and Rescue

emergency lighting
Emergency lights

Back window

truck search light
Work Lights

Work Lights

warning lights installed on this truck
Traffic Director

Emergency Lights


View photos of truck projects with installed emergency lighting.
Nine flash patterns on this LED traffic director light
This LED beacon light is Built with a clear lens and emits white or amber light.
Durably built LED beacon light with multiple flash patterns.
Available in different lengths to fit the vehicle, this LED light bar is the perfect emergency or warning light
Weatherproof with 370° rotation and 135° tilt range, this worklight is mounted on the truck
High intensity, remote control, halogen worklight mounted to this truck.
This beacon light has a focused beam in front and rear, with a dispersed angle beam on sides.
LED worklight mounted on a back rack to providing the ultimate visibility.
High intensity Safety / traffic director lighting system mounted on rear of vehicle.
The ultimate truck worklight and warning light system
THis LED lightbar comes in ultiple lengths available to fit your truck or vehicle.
Amber warning lights installed as well as LED DOT lighting
Amber lightbar mounted a-top a flat deck’s back-rack.
Safety whips installed to make a truck ready and for an ideal warning system
LED Reflex Beacon providing 360° of amber warning light on the minibar.
Beacon and work light installed on this window protecting back rack

truck safety equipment
LED lighting company
LED lighting company
cargo bed products
Echo safety group products for trucks
Jotto desk products
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Rugby desk products
Safety Whip products
We sell SWS warning lights
Tommy gate products for truck costomizations
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