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Truck cranes are built to do the heavy lifting for you and to reduce risks of lifting-related injuries. Make your work life easier, expand the limits of your working capabilities, and increase productivity all the while keeping your workers safe. We offer only the best quality and durable cranes to our customers. Cranes are best suited for flatbed trucks, service body trucks, fleet trucks and more.


We can customize your lift crane set up by selecting and installing the crane with the weight and extension features best suited to you. In addition, customize your truck by choosing a classic crane, telescoping boom crane, fold-away bumper cranes, or even more options.

View of back of truck with mule crane installed
Service truck with mule crane installed by Quest
Truck with mule crane installed
Truck crane installed in Calgary
Locking handles and storage compartments for optimal organization onn this service body truck
Included in this service body truck were installed stop-turn-taillights, crane and lots of storage
Photo showcasing side compartments of the service body truck.

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LED lighting company
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