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Toolboxes cut down time spent looking for the correct tool by providing convenient and organized access to all your tools. Toolboxes are customized to the function and placement that is most convenient to you. Choose between crossover, underbody, topside, and other styles of toolboxes. Trust us to install the toolbox with the best quality, durability, and reliability.


Make your truck even more ready for the job by installing the right hitch for your vehicle’s hauling needs. From a single ball hitch, combination hitch, pintle hitch, service body hitch, to even a tri-ball hitch, we offer it all. Because the necessities of hauling needs in various industries differ, we offer a wide variety of hitch types to best fit the type and weight capacity you need.


Protect your rear window from damage with a headache rack. Great for pickup truck and flatbed truck applications. The headache rack is designed to both protect your rear windshield and provide functionality. With most options having available points to secure tied downs for cargo as well as the ability to mount lights directly to the rack.


It is important that you can easily access your tools equipment, or materials inside your vehicle. Rolling Cargo Beds maximizes the space of your service truck and increases the accessibility to your tools. Increase site safety by reducing the risk of back related injuries due moving heavy equipment. With our accessibility to Cargo Beds built in varied sizes, weight capacities, and functionality, we are sure to find one that is best suited for your needs.

This custom toolbox was made using E-track
custom fabricated top body equipment storage and toolboxes designed to be user friendly, practical, and secure
Rugby dump body install with custom toolbox built with multiple compartments, whale tail handles
Rugby dump body install with custom toolbox and equipment storage.
Beacons and marker lights installed on this flat deck including custom tool chest atop side tool storage built with whale tail handles.
Diamond tread toolboxes with cargo net
Service body truck hitch receiver with combination ball hitch.
Features like rolling cargo beds on this enclosed body service truck
Diamond tread toolboxes with cargo net

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LED lighting company
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