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Red / Blue / White Lights

Emergency lighting tailored to our first responder units. Having the appropriate light output color allows others to correctly identify the first responder and conveys information to other drivers what action they should take. Red and blue lighting for our police, red and white for our fire department and ambulances, green lighting for command centers during an emergency, and more. We provide the correct lighting to our responders in multiple forms of lighting, such as: light bars, strobes, directional lights, beacons, minibars, perimeter lighting and more. Emergency LED lighting with powerful light output keeps our responders, bystanders, and on-coming vehicles safe.
This LED Lightbar is intended for emergency lights or warning lights.  Different lighting colors available depending on the intended function of the lightbar.
Police vehicle speaker
Police reflex minibar emergency light
Red and Blue 5990 Series reflex minibar emergency light
Police megaflex surface mount emergency light
Police vehicle corner mount emergency light
Police citedel emergency light
Police covert lightbar
Triple stack series police light in blue
Triple stack series police light in red
Police blue surface mount emergency light
Police red surface mount emergency light
Red and Blue emergency light - mega thin stick light
Police thin supervisor red and blue lights
Blue XTP6 Series surface mount emergency light
equipment console for police and emergency vehicles
emergency vehicle sirens
sirens for installation in emergency vehicles

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