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We are proud to install and customize service bodies to meet your specifications. Service bodies are great for various industries, as it provides the storage and workplace necessary for any equipment and tools that are needed on the job. Our Reading Service bodies are durable and built to withstand harsh weather environments. Service bodies will increase your workers productivity and can be tailored to fit the needs of the job.


Not only do we install prefabricated service bodies, but we also customize to your specifications to fit your job requirements. We can fabricate additional storage compartments on top of the existing service body as well as adding top racks, rolling cargo beds, lighting, installing a Maxi Lift crane and more.

Design and truck customizations for this service truck
Service truck created Quest
Calgary Design and truck customizations
Different service body trucks built by Quest
Design and truck customizations for this white service truck
Locking handles and storage compartments for optimal organization onn this service body truck
Service body install with sliding tool drawers inside
Top of truck service body includes custom fabrication additions for more storage.

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LED lighting company
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We sell SWS warning lights
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